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A few questions & answers relating to setting up KFSync

What does it do?

KFSync will take order details from Ecwid and write these into KashFlow as invoices and customers saving you hours of manual input.

Initial requirements

An Ecwid account with API access enabled (Create an Ecwid account)
A KashFlow account (Create a KashFlow account)

Getting Started

After creating your account you will need to contact us with your Ecwid store ID so we can add this to your account and allow you to complete the set-up process.


Within the Ecwid control panel, open the API Settings on the System Settings tab. You will need the "Order API secret key" and will need to set your "ION Cannon endpoint URL" to "http://www.kfsync.co.uk/ecwid/ion".

Within the settings tab in KashFlow scroll down to the "External Services" box and click on the the API Settings. You will need to either have no restrictions (not really reccomended) or add to the API restrictions. You can also configure a separate account for API access if required.


Once you have connected to KashFlow and Ecwid, you can then map categories from Ecwid to KashFlow. You can also map individual products, however, this is not practical to manage if you have a lot of products.


We generate an invoice at the beginning of each month based on your usage.

Trial Period

There is no automatic facility for a free trial, however, if you contact us within the 1st week of use we can cancel your account if is not working out for you.