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Ecommerce Accounting

Do you run an on-line ecommerce business?

Do you dislike manually importing data from your shopping cart into your accounts?

KFSync is a near real-time accounts sync process to record sales directly into the KashFlow accounting system. Making use of the your shopping cart API & KashFlow API we can record new customers into KashFlow, record the shopping cart invoice details and optionally record the payment details potentially making the whole process automated and virtually real-time.

Don't leave the accounts until month end or the day before the VAT return is due, let KFSync do it automatically for you from just £2.95+vat per month.

We currently support the Ecwid shopping cart, but the modular design of KFSync allows us to support additional shopping cart systems (subject to a suitable API being available)

Note: As this makes use of the Ecwid API, it will not work with free Ecwid accounts