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Details of changes to the system and the reasoning behind the changes.

Vendor Number

If you use custom order number formats in Ecwid, an additional setting has been added to allow you to record the custom formatted order number rather than the default Ecwid order ID. Review your settings to change this option. Note: The Ecwid order id will still be recorded in the invoice notes.

EU VAT changes on e-services

KashFlow have updated their system to accept a customer country value in order to allow for integration to the HMRC VATMOSS systems. You will need to ensure that you have updated your KashFlow product codes for any digital services.

VAT Settings

With the addition of support for alternative currencies, we have added the option to specify a VAT rate to use when calculating discounts & shipping values.

Currency Support

KashFlow has traditionally been used in the UK. As Ecwid doesn't provide the currency of the order via the API we have now added the option to specify the KashFlow currency code to use for your customers. Note: It is only possible to work with a single currency as there is no information available to us to determine which currency to use. We will default to UK currency ("GBP").

Product Mapping

We have added the ability to map an Ecwid product to a KashFlow product.

This is not reccomended where there are a large number of products or the products change frequently as the mapping tables will become quite large and will require a lot of updates, where you have a small number of items or they infrequently change, this will work well if you use product in KashFlow.


Ecwid version 13.1 now provides the tax rate per item in the order, so it is possible for KFSync to determine the correct VAT rate for each item ordered. The "Force all product lines to include VAT" option in the ECWID settings is no longer required and when set to "No" will use the value of the tax defined in Ecwid with the name "VAT" to provide the VAT rate to KashFlow.

The "Force all product lines to include VAT" option may be retired on a future release of KFSync.